It has been a while since my last blogpost and I apologize for that. We have been busy working on the next features for swync and I got a little distracted 🙂

Talking of next features: In the next 2–3 weeks we will launch “swyncgroups”. Groups will give you the opportunity to share contacts within defined groups. A little bit like WhatsApp groups, but it includes people that are not on any “exclusive” platform (read THIS article for my thoughts about this topic).

If you are in a sports team or you have to manage a community service you know the problem of missing phone numbers of parents. These are numbers you don’t want to have in your phone book all the time, but need to have available. Right now, the way to manage this are lists of names and contact details, based on paper.

The same applies for a lot of businesses where employers have internal lists of phone numbers that have to keep up to the constantly changing department <-> employee correlation and are in most cases outdated as they are printed.

swync groups are an easy way of sharing contact details within a community. It will be very interesting for us to see, how this feature will be used by the swync users — have fun!