As you may have noticed – is now swync. Due to trademark law issues in the US we changed our app-name to swync. That’s why this update took some time. But in the meantime we were working on our product and hey, we have some great news to share with you!

swync – meet the team

First of all, did we already introduce ourselves? Benedikt Aichinger, CEO of swync, had the idea over a year ago, while he was on a business trip to Rome. He wanted to do something, he hadn’t done in a very long time, write a postcard to his sister. But she had changed her job and also had a new email-address and moved into a new city. So almost all the data from Benedikt’s sister in his phonebook was outdated. That’s when the idea for swync was born (read more here: Why I need Since then he spent most of his spare time to further develop the idea and find someone to implement it. That’s when he met Harald.

Harald Weinberger is a tech, digital and mobile enthusiast and CEO of mobile agreements, a full service mobile agency based in Linz, Upper Austria. He has a great entrepreneurial spirit and loves the tech community. He is always striving for ground-breaking ideas, new innovations and loves the challenge to realize them. He joined swync as our CTO and added a lot of experience in that field. Together with his team he is working eagerly on bringing our awesome app to life.

One summer evening, Benedikt told his friend Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach about his little venture and soon it was clear: Wolfgang wants to be part of this challenge. He is an independent digital media consultant and one of the leading Crowdfunding experts in Austria and in Germany. He is a passionate web user and always on the hunt for the latest trends in Social Media and Digital Communication. Wolfgang runs several blogs (e.g., is well connected in the digital world throughout Austria and Germany and is now responsible for all things communication at swync.

So here it is – team swync (from left to right): Harald Weinberger (CTO), Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach (CMO) and Benedikt Aichinger (CEO) of swync.

Team swync - Benedikt Aichinger (CEO), Harald Weinberger (CTO), Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach (CEO)

Source: KEST – Werbeagentur,

sneak preview: swync design

In the last weeks we were further developing and testing our app. We were focussing on the features (syncing contact data, invitations, adding a contact etc.), but even integrated a few preliminary designs. And guess what? You are the first to see it. We hope you like it.

Source: guteksk7/Shutterstock and Synca GmbH

Source: guteksk7/Shutterstock and Synca GmbH

swync launch: save the date

Lastly, we are proud to announce our official launch date. On September 19th we’ll have a launch-party in Linz/Austria and you are invited. So please save the date and pre-register here if you want to join us: . After our get-together at 6 p.m., there will be a short keynote about how digital media changed networking and contact management, we will show you our app and you are the first ones to download and benefit from the advantages of swync. And of course there’s drinks and some finger food. More details coming soon – we keep you updated!